the year

この英語島のある高校のフットボール部が「2017年を振り返って」2017 in Review、今年は最高の年だったとのこと。

This was the year to be remembered.This was the year we had waited for. This was the year of our lives. This was the year we’re going to talk about for the rest of our lives.といったことを最後まで言い切れないほど感無量であるという心境さえ感じさせる。

これぞ人生 This is the life.
今こそそのとき This is the moment.
今日こそその日 This is the day.
あの年は最高だった That was the year.
いい時代だった Those were the days.

This is the year ________________________.

2 thoughts on “the year

  1. This is the year to break through the English barrier ,I hope.

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