Fluffy and Blonder

Fluffy, a hundred percent wild, is finally starting to eat from his own bowl. He seems to have realized that the second food bowl has been there for him.

They must be getting on in years. Fluffy has no teeth. Blonder is blind. They never fight. They are almost always together. If I could read their minds ….

2 thoughts on “Fluffy and Blonder

  1. 背景をうかがっているせいかもしれませんが、この猫さん達の写真を見ると毎回涙が出そうになります。

    • そうでしたか。Blonderは一度出て、どこかで飼われていたのが戻ってきた猫。ひとなつこい猫です。二人とも静かなる猫。


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